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The Trends

The Trends

The stylish shimmer – Rustic, metallic, intimate…

Requested shades for 2016 are expected to be rose gold and copper. Elegant, ethereal, whimsical or even very natural  metallic color palettes are being incorporated into every aspect of the embellishing process. The elevated version of sparkle and bling, like glitzy golds, copper lanterns or shiny blush icing on desserts.

For destination weddings, couples are looking for ideas to incorporate a unique element that is special for both of them. For example, a couple that got engaged in Italy might like to add a Tiramisu as a dessert to wedding reception dinner. Or maybe they brought shells from their favorite vacation spot and they want to use it as a part of decoration…

Ambience is the key to setting a romantic mood. The simplest and the best way to cast a soft glow  is to use chandeliers, candelabras and pendant lights with bare bulbs..

To create a more intimate vibe couples are opting for very long rectangular tables or a mix  of long tables instead of large round tables that might feel like a conference event.. Lounge areas with comfortable seating for cocktail hours are desired..

Wedding floral arrangements in 2016.

Vintage and retro influences.. Peach and nude tones or vibrant, tropical and urban in natural bouquets and “just picked” look. Couples are more into “wild” look, often with a mix of big and small blooms. For creative centerpieces flowering plants, blooming branches or bare branches with jewels or crepe paper flowers. Table’s centerpieces may look different on each table.

High shine, shimmer and sparkle on invitations will be the trend for 2016! Metallic shades like copper and rose gold on stamped and foil pressed lettering.

The Drinks

Rose wine, rose champagne is becoming a must at the weddings. Also his a hers cocktail is a great idea for Creative cocktail hour. Craft beer gardens are becoming a growing trend at the weddings. You can do pretty much any kind of a bar, like tequila bar, martini bar, or just water and juice bar.

You can make your wedding more personal by serving a favorite family dishes, or maybe local meals, destination wedding gives you an opportunity to surprise your guests with something different.

If you’re tired of a traditional wedding cake, you can choose a cheesecake  or pie instead. If you’d like to stick with a wedding cake, consider buttercream texture or “naked” cake, unfrosted with berries or just fresh flowers!

Desired flavors: white chocolate mousse, lemon, champagne, lavender-vanilla, apple spice, green tea and chai latte.

The Music

Incorporate a live band! Entertain your guests with a singer, pianist, saxophonist or an orchestra.

The Photography

Shots that tell the story, action shots, selfie station at your reception. Many brides and grooms request to capture private moments like when they see each other before the wedding.