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A Food Truck for Your Casual Wedding in Costa Rica!

A food truck is a great way to make your wedding reception unique!

hether you hire a fully staffed truck or choose to rent an equipped truck and hire you own chef, you don’t have to sacrifice quality with a food truck. Trucks typically include refrigeration, grills, fryers, ventilation and ample work space. Costs vary by location and type of service.

Don’t let the idea of a food truck limit your imagination. Almost any type of cuisine is available these days, from burgers and fries, to seafood (including fried fish and ceviche), and even chicken cordon bleu.

Food trucks are casual. They are great for laid-back, boho style beach weddings. They typically offer paper plates and napkins, but you can always upgrade to cloth napkins, china and silverware if you are wanting to set a different tone.

But before you book your truck, keep in mind that you want your guests to be able to easily access the food. Can the trucks park near your wedding venue, or will they be stuck in the parking lot? Is there enough room for them and your dance floor? And make sure your venue can provide power for the trucks that need it, and always check with your venue as to whether they have adequate space and parking for as many trucks as you plan on having.

Depending on your menu, food truck meals can also be presented on a buffet table, with a fresh salad of mixed greens or perhaps lite snacks like cheese, olives, grapes, crackers and nuts. Some caterers may offer mini-portions so guests can enjoy a variety of choices. In Costa Rica, you can enjoy mini-empanadas, cheese croquets or even a min-ceviche.

Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to step away from the traditional to create a fun experience for your guests.