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We Love Boho!

We Love Boho!

After years of planning “rich,” or “glamour” style weddings, I am excited for the next few weddings that are built on the magical Boho style. The current season will bring us more and more Boho weddings, which makes me very happy! Bohemian style gives great design opportunities and, in my opinion, is perfect for all couples who want to make their wedding original and unique. Creativity, courage and a willingness to experiment with the latest styles will certainly reward the next bride and groom who allow us to help plan their unique Boho wedding.

Explore wedding blogs, magazines, and of course Pinterest, for the latest ideas and photos to inspire your creativity. Perhaps begin by creating a “save the date” announcement or your wedding invitation in the Boho style. A recent client did just that, and the invitation helped create the vision for the entire wedding. And be sure to incorporation your personal passions, like travel, cooking, cycling, movies, books, or whatever makes you unique as a couple.

The possibilities are endless, and are limited only by your imagination. But if you get stuck, don’t forget that there are wedding planners (like us!) who are ready to help you. In fact, we live for it!

No matter what your style is, we are here for you. But take a moment to consider how beautiful your special day will be when you do it Bohemian.