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Candy Buffet… Fun And Color

Candy Buffet… Fun And Color

“candy buffet” is a “sweet table” made with a variety of candies and chocolates. The concept aims to add fun and color to any event, whilst creating harmonies with the chosen color theme. It is much more than sweets in pretty containers!

It may be available to greet guests or offered at a specific moment throughout the event, often replacing the traditional departing gift.

In Latin-America this table is often confused with the traditional “dessert table”, which is made with a variety of desserts such as: cake, brownie pops, macaroons, cookies, and a selection of “petit fours” or small desserts, among others. A “candy buffet” as indicated by its name, is a buffet made only with candy and chocolates. Of course both concepts may be unified, however it is important to know the difference, purpose and added value to an event.

When designing this table, the visual impact desired is the first aspect to consider. An initial suggestion, regardless of the number of guests, would be to choose a minimum of eight containers that have an appealing visual effect together, with a variety of heights and diameters. Purchase the necessary amount of candy to fill them and depending on the number of guests, consider more product to refill throughout the activity. There are many recommendations and tables on the Internet to estimate the amount of candy necessary to set up a candy buffet, but the practice has taught us that they do not conform to reality.

The selection of the product has to be made according to the occasion and the predominant age and gender of guests. The colors should be chosen according to the thematic of the event, always respecting the color wheel to guarantee that the combination is pleasant to the eye. It is important to label sweets or chocolates containing nuts or other ingredients that may cause allergies. If there are diabetic guests, including some appropriate candy is always a nice touch. Guests may serve themselves from the buffet in cellophane or paper bags, decorated boxes, or other fun containers than may or may not, be personalized.

The final impact of the table lays in how it is presented and if it will be remembered and talked about. A beautiful table linen accentuated with flower arrangements, candles, use of heights and personalized containers with ribbons or stickers, will help create a memorable candy buffet.

As per the budget, it will depend on the visual impact desired and the chosen product. A fair estimate may be $ 350,00 for a simple table which includes assembly, decoration and product. From there on, “the sky is the limit.”

It is a fact that a “candy buffet” can be done without respecting the colors theme of the event, but this would be misrepresenting its concept since as indicated, it is not enough with placing candy in pretty containers.