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Creative ways to embrace tradition at your Destination Wedding

Creative ways to embrace tradition at your Destination Wedding

I absolutely love traditions! And what could be more filled with traditional symbols and significant signs than a wedding day? From the color of the flowers on the bouquet, to the secret code a mother has to tell her daughter how much she loves her while she is walking down the aisle. Bridesmaids, groomsmen, the cake, wedding godmother and godfather–they are all pieces of a puzzle, each carrying a special meaning. And those parts together will bring older generations to the present and new generations will follow their footsteps reaffirming their beliefs, and the faith that lies in the past. We repeat those practices because we believe, even though we may not know exactly where they come from or what they mean. But we know it keeps the dream alive and seals the promise of love!

Modern life is taking couples onto different paths for their wedding days, making it harder and harder to follow the traditional ways. Bride and groom are sometimes from different backgrounds, families live far from the couple, and their own beliefs may even have changed. When it comes to the wedding day, there should be a way to honor traditions without becoming an imposition on anybody. We should be able to represent it all in a way that resonates with everyone, especially with a Destination Wedding. Not only are you dealing with the wedding, but also with a completely new cultural environment. Perhaps you think it would be difficult to maintain traditions in such of setting. But, in my opinion, it is completely the opposite. A Destination Wedding is a great opportunity to embrace old and new and blend the together beautifully!

Don’t miss the opportunity to walk down the aisle with your father, but invite your mother too, and be a free, beautiful, barefoot bride! Have a wedding cake, with the flavors of the destination you selected. It’s a unique opportunity to taste new and delicious flavors! Exchange the union candle for sand vases. Trade the reading of the vows for vows in a bottle. Or maybe forget the rice and try petals or butterflies. There are no limits.

Learn about any local wedding ritual and make it yours, or bring your own and adjust it to the scenery you have been given for your wedding! But more than anything remember that everything we do in a wedding is a representation of the decision of the couple joining their lives together. So make LOVE your biggest tradition!