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El Taller del Chocolate (The Chocolate Factory)

El Taller del Chocolate (The Chocolate Factory)

Chocolate has always been associated with lush, love, happiness, romance and indulge! Reason why it goes so well with a wedding, it adds its own magic to the day.

When I visited the chocolate factory in San Jose, I knew I was going to find delicious homemade chocolates, made with fine local cacao beans, filled with delicious real fruits, liquors, and many more original flavors!

But, I also found a very innovated way to pack and present the gourmet products they produce.

The owners are responsible to bring into the country a wide variety of papers, bags, boxes and other beautiful packing products, all in chic colors and designs, allowing the chocolate lovers not only to spoil themselves and their guest, but also embellish their wedding day with colors and trendy details.

A sweet table set on paper flowers, truffles wrapped on the specific color of your wedding, pretty mini boxes made to order with the couple’s monogram, cones, bags, anything! All created to enhance the flavors of the chocolates, by adding personal character and beauty!

The chocolatiers, friendly local family, did not stop there and from their hands other gourmet products has come out…

You can add to your welcome bags their 100% natural marmalades, with real chunks of local fruits.

Or, your favor can be a couple of oatmeal and chocolate cookies, anything your sweet palate can Dream.

After looking at all the cute and mouthwatering products, I had to taste it…

And I had way too many, I could not stop, creamy chocolate filled with coffee, dark chocolate filled with baileys, or champagne, truffles with mango, white chocolate with macadamia… Yummy!
I don’t know about you, but I am definitely a CHOCOHOLIC and I found my supplier…

Ah, can’t forget to mention, their prices are really affordable, get a bunch!