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Wedding of Andy & Jahel at Mar Y Selva ecolodge in Ballena, Costa Rica

Wedding of Andy & Jahel at Mar Y Selva ecolodge in Ballena, Costa Rica

As I go back in time to August 2016 I can’t stop smiling thinking of Andy and Jahel. A sweet, energetic couple that wanted a unique, one of a kind wedding. When Andy contacted me for the first time she wrote:

“Yahel and I are not your traditional wedding :). We envision being barefoot, everybody sitting on pillows in a circle or on comfy low couches, or blankets, very simple flowers.. pretty much nothing cheesy or over the top. The dinner will be buffet style.. We are looking for a warm atmosphere.. with candles and simple flowers (bohemian vibe).. (not a fancy table setting. people can sit where ever they like).”

The hotel they choose is very simple, and their restaurant has colorful walls and simple tables. It was a bit challenging but I think we have converted the space to bohemian/Moroccan lounge as the couple wished.
We rented law coffee tables and puffs to seat on, I bought large blankets (beach wraps/pareos) to use them as seating together with rented pillows for the ceremony and later to cover the tables at reception. Andy didn’t want to have a traditional bouquet, she wore wrist corsage instead and we used simple loose flowers in glass bottles all over the place. Christmas string lights were installed and many lanterns with candles created romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

They shared delicious taco bar buffet for dinner and fresh fruits with key lime pie for dessert. Everybody were dancing all night long and continued to celebrate at the pool party the next day carita feliz