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Amy & Will Adventurous Wedding, casa Espanola, Manuel Antonio

Amy & Will Adventurous Wedding, casa Espanola, Manuel Antonio

Many weddings are built around a theme: boho, traditional, eco, or contemporary. But there is nothing quite like an Adventure Wedding! Meet Amy and Will. They are a fun-loving couple who make the most of every moment in life. Amy injects energy and happiness into all that she does, and Will is chill enough to go with her flow. They are the ideal couple for an adventure wedding.

Amy and Will took their entire wedding party and all their guests on an amazing Costa Rica adventure. After the ceremony, they all went on a waterfall rappelling tour. Talk about taking the plunge! They truly did. But the adventure really started earlier in the day.


In the morning, Madison Baltodano Photography captured Amy with her sister and mother as they were getting ready. It’s hard to miss the free spirit in Amy, evident in her short hair style and her playfulness when she was jumping on the bed in her full ball gown dress. This bride had energy to spare, and it was both natural and fitting on her.

Family and friends joined Amy and Will on a rooftop terrace at Casa Espanola complete with tropical arch and the release of 100 Blue Morpho butterflies. The ceremony was intimate as the guests gathered around the couple to hear their vows and bear witness to their first kiss as husband and wife. And after they “walked the aisle” they celebrated with a fun victory dance. And then Amy—true to her adventuresome personality—operated her small drone to record the moment from the air.



Everyone—yes, everyone—then got changed and loaded into vans for a quick trip to Quepoa Canyoning. Once there, they put on their rappelling gear and loaded into 4×4 jeeps for the rest of the bumpy journey. But as they hit the river they found that they would have to abandon the jeeps and cross on foot. But this was a good start to they full adrenaline rappel down the waterfall!

In the evening they returned to the rooftop terrace for dancing led by DJ Joshua Stewart and cake, complete with an entrance amid fiery and fun sparklers. Adventure to the end.

The next morning they finished their photoshoot with a quiet photoshoot on the beach. It was an intimate moment to cap off a truly great adventure wedding.