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Hot Top Wedding Trends This Year

Hot Top Wedding Trends This Year

Wedding trends of flower arrangements come in and go, but sometimes are a continuation of what we’ve seen before. I don’t know about you, but I think that flowers are one of the most important components of the wedding, so today I am writing about them. It is wedding flowers that really can completely change the look of your wedding: lighten up, add lightness, romance, elegance or drama. I’m happy to see that couples now are putting more thoughts and desire into floral decoration for ceremony and reception for their wedding.

Still planning a wedding in 2017? Are you look for a trendy inspiration? If so, I invite you to keep reading.

 Wedding bouquets 2017

First of all, fashionable wedding bouquets of 2017 are loose, floral compositions of organic shapes with the appearance resemble as “freshly collected flowers from the garden”. However, these flowers are carefully arranged in such a way as to create both a romantic and a wild cascade. Roses, orchids, spider mums and hydrangeas will still be flowers often chosen for the wedding.  Wedding bouquets in  2017 include more greenery and touch of tropical flowers.

Flower arrangements for wedding tables
This year, couples pay particular attention to elegant and stylish floral arrangements on tables. As the bouquets are loose, flowing down from the vases compositions in muted or bright colors. We are going to see strong interest in the use of seasonal flowers, however, with plenty of greenery and foliage. There will also be interesting vases, glass and old gold or copper. The alternative for young couples who do not want to spend a fortune on expensive centerpieces will be loose flowers placed in some small vases of different heights and shapes.
 Old fashioned flowers
Old-fashioned flowers such as carnations, dahlias, gerberas, chrysanthemums are very fashionable! Also cloves! Especially due to their durability and their availability in any shade you can imagine.
Many couples are still in love with the idea of walls constructed with flowers as a background, but few people can afford the expense associated with this idea. Instead, we will see the garlands of flowers, greenery and foliage. Long chains of leaves, Ivy, vines surround gazebos at the ceremony and is visible at long wedding tables as a runner. Because of its simplicity, this decoration is very elegant.
 Flowery chandeliers
Chandeliers is one of the wedding trends of this year that I love, which is great to be used in decoration of rooms with large open areas or in tents. Hanging flower arrangements and chandeliers with leaves and foliage in central places of the space will add an unusual touch of nature and freshness and depending on flowers used it is great for any wedding theme. From boho to elegant and traditional.
 Rich colors
Pastel, muted colors of flowers will never go out of fashion. It’s very romantic, classic and traditional choice. But what is fashionable in weddings of 2017 is the use of deep and rich layers of colors of flowers. A subtle mix of large bright flowers in deep colors is quite sophisticated and daring choice that looks beautiful in the pictures. In addition, it is suitable for any time of the year.
 Long Ribbon
This trend will continue to be used in wedding bouquets. A long, silk ribbon will let you incorporate pops of color into your bouquet design. You can use different colors of the ribbon and even different textures to create something more whimsical and unique.
 Stay Inspired,