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Samantha’s & Cody’s wedding in Costa Rica

Samantha’s & Cody’s colorful wedding in Costa Rica

Samantha’s & Cody’s wedding was one of a kind! They wanted every color, unicorns, the Jurassic Park theme song as processional 😊 Sam was set on a colorful wedding. We used colors almost everywhere but at the end it turned out fun and whimsical yet classy. They brought paper pompons and made a backdrop for the Photobooth with them. We also used few for decoration above the tables together with string lights. Centerpieces were simple, loose tropical flowers and we added candles in the middle of the tables for romantic light.

Ceremony was held at the secluded beach and reception at private property on a terrace. We were very lucky it didn’t rain although we were prepared for it with large tent for dinner.

Newlyweds didn’t want to have a cake, they chose colorful cupcakes and mini desserts instead.

The most fun part of the wedding was the Photobooth with unicorn props! They looove unicorns!

They partied till late that night and had a great time with their close friends and family.