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Last minute destination wedding – yes it is possible!

Last minute destination wedding – yes it is possible!

So you’ve been considering a destination wedding, looking at different options, venues, pricing. Now you are just few weeks away and you have nothing booked. Well, it’s not as bad as you think it is. At least here in Costa Rica and from my experience as planner.

First, don’t panic. Hire a wedding planner. Yes, trust me you’ll need one.

Set your budget, just for the wedding, not honeymoon, nor travelling. Advice your planner on all services, they work with local vendors all the time, they know the market and best pricing.

First thing you must do and that’s something your planner can also help you with is to find your venue and book it. When considering hotel vs private villa, you want to keep in mind various things, especially if you are on a tight budget. Think of rentals (tables, chairs etc), reception ending time, clean up, vendors fee.

Choose menu. Don’t agonize over it, not many guests specifically remember what they ate at anybody’s wedding few months later. If it’s good and plenty, everybody will be happy. Don’t offer to many options, it will cost you more. Three options are more than enough. It should be chicken or seafood dish, beef or pork and something vegetarian.

Next, you’ll want to book your photographer. Don’t skimp on photography. Pictures will be the only thing you’ll have to remember that day forever. Book videographer. Again, ask your planner for recommended professionals, check their portfolio, you’ll see who’s style you likes best.

Don’t forget about music. Book your DJ and think of ceremony music. Listen to their demo if possible, and once booked send them your music choices.

Hair and makeup artist, you can either send photos of your favorite make up and hair ideas for the big day, or if you’ll feel more comfortable you can do the trail.

Book your florist and rentals. If you have specific floral arrangements in mind and ideas for décor, talk to your planner and florist. Send them your favorite photos, I’m sure you have them saved on your Pinterest board. It will help them to design your décor according to your choices and venue.

Look for cake baker, choose your design and favorite flavors.

Buy favors for your guests. They came a long way to celebrate your wedding. Think of something useful, maybe local? Some of favors couples like here are: mini rum bottles, bags of Costa Rican coffee, mini bottole of chili sauce, famous Salsa Lizano, ceramic bird whistles, beach towels.. and if you’re thinking of welcome bags you can fill It up with coffee, water bottles, fresh coconut, local candies and other goodies, maybe wedding itinerary?