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Catering for your event in Costa Rica

Catering for your event in Costa Rica

There are many catering services available in Costa Rica, and with the new trend of having weddings at villas and houses for rent, I have tried many of them…
For me recommending a company or vendor is a very serious thing, especially when it comes to food, I want my clients to experience amazing food quality, creative presentation and impeccable service.


Dinner on a wedding reception is highly anticipated, the couple has thought about the menu, the guest has thought about their selection and everybody is expecting great, warm fresh, plentiful and imaginative flavors, that would please the variety of cultural palates usually present on a wedding destination.

I have my favorites, and Chef Jean Luc, at the area of north pacific Guanacaste, is one of them!!



I had the pleasure to have him cooking at many weddings and his food always achieve a round of applause from every guest.

His recipes are distinctive, I think he has accomplish a Costa Rica / French cuisine with a tropical twist.

The menu is all very original, starting from colorful salad, to very well balance entrées, seasoned with an imaginative presentation, using coconut or fruit shells, flowers, leaves and other organic sources, makes his dishes a delightful success!



One of his aces is the excellent team of staff he has been able to put together over the years, same people with experience , letting the serving time to flow easily and fast , not matter the given conditions of the working areas.

Jean Luc has been able to performance the same effective practice at his restaurant Coco Loco at Flamingo Beach , and Pangas, at Tamarindo, where he partner up with Elizabeth, a Spanish lady , with a high level of professionalism, allowing clients to experience enjoyable food in a very efficient manner, which is key for a successful Wedding Reception!