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Hire a wedding planner for your destination wedding in Costa Rica

10 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner for your destination
wedding in Costa Rica:

Having a destination wedding  in Costa Rica, is a great fun, people is very helpful, happy and you will enjoy the day ! This would be a common overview. Wedding planner Costa Rica.

But… only the brides that has lived the experience can tell you the many NOT so enjoyable moments they had to go through when booking the services, making the payments, waiting for information and most of all, trying to make sure everything is coming together the way it should be on the actual wedding day!!

In today’s world people has more access to information and couples’ are able to make decisions after looking at pictures, reading other clients comments and exchanging an amount of emails with the person in charge at the location of their preferences.

You can book hotels, reception venues, select the menu, colors, flowers and music directly.

This method will seem to save you lots of money at first glance, but, there is a lot more to it…

Here are the 10 reasons WHY you should hire a wedding planner for your destination wedding:

1) Your wedding day is a unique event and you want to make sure things go 100% the way you are expecting it.

2) You will have 1 person dedicated in full to coordinate all the small details that will come up during the day, you will be dealing directly with only 1 person.

3) Your wedding planner will deal and fix all the many little problems that would happen , without you even to know about it!

4) Your wedding planner will be looking after your own interest, avoiding waste, or unwanted surprises like a blow up bar invoice at the end of the night!

5) Your wedding will planned and designed for you! Not according to the convenience of the resort. You share your ideas with your wedding planner and she will make it happen to perfection!

6) The cost of the planner is not an extra expense; it can be easily included in the total budget you want to work with from the beginning.

7) Is good to have someone receiving the vendors, paying the bills, guiding your guest, directing the wedding party, making sure the time-line is follow it , so no event is missing on the day.

8) A wedding planner will see things with the expert eyes that will take your event to a different level!

9) Hotel staff works for the hotel , not matter how good they paint the picture.

and most important of all …

10) Peace of Mind ! You deserve to be the princess of your wedding day !


I love weddings, I get excited every time I have the opportunity to create a new event, it makes me really , it is my passion !
Thank you for letting me be part of your wedding day,
Costa Rica Paradise Wedding.